Die Tischler and their Australian legacy

Conference of German-Australian History and Heritage 2018: Australisches Deutschtum

Die Tischler and their Australian legacy

Presented by James Bertouch

A presentation, including photographs, about the furniture and decorative arts made by German born craftsmen and cabinetmakers, including Schaedel, Graetz, Launer, Freytag and the Maerschel brothers who migrated to Australia and settled in specific areas such as the Barossa valley. The influences on aspects of design, such as traditional and religious forms, will be investigated, as will the use of Australian native timbers including red gum and Huon pine. While  examples of these pieces can be found in Australian museums and galleries, there is an argument that their importance deserves a dedicated collection which is available to the public.

About the Speaker

Dr James Bertouch is president of the Australiana Society and a consultant rheumatologist in Sydney. Educated at Sydney University, Flinders University and the University of Western Sydney, he has a long term interest in researching and collecting Australian made decorative arts, and particularly Germanic furniture.

Practical Info

18 August 2018 10:10 (Australia/Adelaide)
1 hour
W P Rogers Room